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Bionolux Labs prototypes and creates wearable and affective technologies and provides consulting and commentary on the Wearable and IoT industries. We have expertise in emotion physiology, social psychology, neuroendocrinology, design, textiles, hardware, software, and early-stage manufacturing
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News:  Bionolux partners with NYU to receive 15K Seed grant from Verizon/NYC Media Lab




Jocelyn Scheirer, CEO

Jocelyn Riseberg Scheirer is CEO and founder of Bionolux Labs, a company specializing in social wearable technology and the advocacy of wearables for mental health. An innovator in wearables for almost 20 years, Jocelyn began her career in research as a technician in the Endocrine Pathology lab at Tufts Medical School, researching the cellular and molecular biology of the adrenomedullary axis and epinephrine system. She went on to earn her M.A. from Brandeis in the Developmental and Social Psychology of emotions. While pursuing her PhD (pending) at MIT Media's Lab Affective Computing Group, she continued this work exploring the physiology of emotional response. There, she developed her first wearables,interactive objects and digital art exhibitions. Working at the Media Lab, Jocelyn was able to blend her understanding of scientific practice and methodology with her passion and experience as an abstract and conceptual artist, thus bridging the gap between hardware and aesthetics. In 2006, she founded Empathyx, a company focused on intercommunication equipment and systems. In 2009 she helped found and served as Director of Operations for Affectiva, a company dedicated to digitizing emotion with the largest database of facial expressions ever collected, and an initial biosensor product called the Q Sensor. A social scientist with medical lab training as well as a former Media Lab Ph.D. student, Jocelyn brings a unique and highly sought after perspective to the wearables market. Jocelyn has authored and co-authored numerous articles and papers on affective computing and sensing technology, and presented at national industry-related conferences. She has served as a research analyst at Harvard University and as a consultant to different departments at MIT.

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